Sunday, December 28, 2008

New Dimp Community website: Dimpleton!

Dimpleton has just been officially announced and released by lead and sole Developer of Dimp Animator: Sijmen Mulder.
It features a new banner (by yours truly :P) and so far is made up of only a single forum with 4 topics that you can venture into, an Official news topic, general Dimp conversation, Art gallery section and finally what no thread would be complete without: an Off-Topic section!

Development is far from over with the website, and don't be surprised if certain items on the page are moved/added/deleted because Dimp hasn't even been released yet!
On that note, Sijmen has made a public announcement today that contains useful information on the full Dimp program as well as the upcoming Public Preview version that you could have access to within the week!

This version will be far from the finished program, but will contain the essential basics to get you started and having a feel for Dimp Animator.

Be sure to check out and sign up, leave a post and have a read of the official events.

Note: I will be hence-forth using the username "Sean" on the forums. ;)

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by the way,im zenmen5 on there!